How many bones do I have in my body?

Human Skeleton


Like a building, your body, your body is supported by a firm framework.

This framework is made of bone and is called a skeleton.  It is made up of about 206 separate bones.

Sixty-four of these bones are in your hands and arms alone.  Oddly enough, a baby may have as many as 350 bones.  As a child grows older, some bones grow together to form single bones.

Your bones grow in different shapes and sizes.  Some are long and tubular, like an arm or leg bone.  They can be flat, like the bones in your head and hips, or ring-shaped like the bones in your spine.

Your biggest bones are your strong thighbones.  Your smallest bones are the three tiny bones in the inner ear.

Joints between most bones allow your body to bend and twist.  The bones are held together at the joints by bands of tough tissue called ligaments.

Your muscles pull on the bones and make them move when you walk or run. – Dick Rogers

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