When did the liberty bell become cracked?

Big Bell

The liberty bell cracked in 1835, while ringing for the funeral of chief Justice Hon Marshall.

The most famous bell in America is the Liberty Bell.  It hangs in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA.

The historic bell stands 3 feet tall.  It weighs more than a ton.  Originally cast in England, it was brought to Philadelphia in 1752, more than 20 years before the United States became a nation.

When it arrived, the bell was tested, and it cracked.  It was melted down and new bell was made.  But it cracked again and was recast a second time.

This bell worked.  It was run when the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed on July 8, 1776.

In later years it was rung on every Fourth of July and at other special times, too. In 1835, it cracked while tolling for the funeral of Chief Justice John Marshall.

Working tried to fix the bell, but it cracked beyond repair when rung on George Washington’s birthday in 1846.  The Liberty Bell rings no more, but it still stands as a symbol of independence. – Dick Rogers

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