What is the tallest tree?


Califonia Redwood Tree

The tallest trees are the California Redwoods.  The tallest towers some 366 feet in height.

In the magnificent redwood forests along the Pacific Coast from Central California to southern Oregon you can look up at the world’s tallest trees.  The tips of the loftiest redwoods tower more than 350 feet above the ground.  The tallest is about 366 feet high!  It is believed to be the tallest of all living things.

The trunks of these massive trees are often 12 or more feet across, with reddish-brown bark a foot thick.  Their lowest branches may be 100 feet above ground.

Some are more than 1,000 years old.  This means they were fully grown long before Columbus arrived in America.  These giant trees have great market value.  The soft, reddish wood is valued for its resistance to decay and insect enemies.

A single tree may yield enough lumber to build five houses.

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  1. The tallest redwood is even a bit higher than 366 feet. There is a small photo on my redwood page for it, if you click my name line.

    I get down to the redwoods about every 8 weeks. They provide many opportunities to learn more every year, and it overlaps with my work in town too.

    MDV / Oregon

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