Why do we have two sets of teeth?

Mouth Structure

Our second set of teeth are stronger replacements for the smaller baby teeth as the jaws change and crow bigger.

Everyone grows two sets of teeth:  a first (primary), or baby teeth, and a second, or permanent set.

Nature has given us two sets.  Teeth small enough for a child would be too little for use by an adult.

When we are born we have, hidden in our jaws, the beginning of all our teeth.  Our first set of teeth begin to push up through the gums when we are about 6 months old.  Most of us have all our baby teeth at the age of 2 ½ or 3.

In the meantime, our second set is forming in the jaws.  At about the age of 6 our baby teeth become loose and fall out, and permanent teeth grow in their place.

As the jaws grow larger, more teeth push, up until finally we have our full set of 32 permanent teeth.

The last four teeth are slow to grow.  They do not push up until we are nearly grown up.  Bu that time we are supposed to have gained some wisdom, so these last teeth are called “wisdom teeth.” – Dick Rogers


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