Where does mold come from?

Patch of Tiny Plants

Mold is really a patch of tiny plants.  Tiny molds “seeds” called spores are carried away by currents of air.  When they land on a material they can use as food, the spores grow into new mold plants.

If you leave a piece of damp bread in the kitchen, in a few days it will be enclosed with a fuzzy bluish – or greenish-gray – patch of mold.  Mold comes from tiny specks in the air, called spores, the “seeds” of the mold.  It is really a tiny, simple plant which belongs to the fungi group.

If you look with a microscope, you will see a tangle of threadlike growth.  The thread serve much the same purpose as roots.

Small rods tapped with little dark knobs grow upward from the threads.  The knobs contain the spores.  When the spores are ripe they burst from the knobs and are carried away by air currents.

When a spore lands on material that it can use as good, the spore grows into a new mold plant.  Mold cannot make their own food as green plants do.  They must live on food made by  other plants or animals. – Dick Rogers


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