What is an aqueduct?

A big city needs a lot of water.  Some cities are near big lakes or rivers.  They find it easy to get enough water.

But very often the lakes or reservoirs upon which a city depends for water are many miles from the city.  Then aqueduct must be built.

Man-made Channel

The word “aqueduct” comes from two Latin words which mean “water” and “to lead.”  An aqueduct, then, is a man-made channel to carry water from a lake or reservoir city.

Some aqueducts are huge steel pipes laid above ground.  Others may be canals, open troughs or tunnels.

Most aqueducts gradually slope downhill so that the water flows by gravity.

In some cases, great metal siphons carry the water over hills, under rivers and across valleys, in much the same way you might siphon water from a bucket with a rubber hose.

Pumps may force the water through the aqueduct where it will not flow by gravity. – Dick Rogers


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