How did April Fools’ Day start?

Harmless Joke

The custom of playing jokes on April 1st may have come from an old Hindu spring festival in which people were sent on foolish errands.

The first day of April is a fun day—April Fools’ Day.  On this day people day play silly harmless jokes on their friends.  The victim is called an “April Fool.”

No one knows how the idea of April Fools’ Day began, but we do know that people have played pranks on that day for hundreds of years.

Some people think that they custom came from an ancient spring festival held on that day, in which people were sent on foolish errands just for the fun of teasing them.

Still another idea is that April Fools’ Day began a long time ago when New Year’s Day was on April 1st.  When New Year’s Day was changed to Jan. 1, some people forgot and still celebrated at the old time.  So they were called April fools.

In France a person who has a joke played on him on April 1 is call an “April fish.”

If a joke is played on you in England on April Fools’ Day you are called a “noodle.”  – Dick Rogers


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