What is pond life?

Pond life is made up of many kinds of plants and animals that live in a community in or near a pond.

A small pond may look like a quiet place.  But if you look carefully, you may see that the pond is really a little world of its own.

Little World of Its Own

In spring and summer the pond is teeming  with many kinds of plant and animal life.

Water striders skate over the surface of the pond, while near shore, a crayfish grabs and eats a worm.  Later it, too, becomes a meal for bass or a wading bird.

Small, fish-like frogs (called tadpoles); water beetles and snails are also found in many ponds.

On some pond surfaces, the nectar-filled pond lily is the delight of the bee.  Frogs and dragonflies use its pads for resting platforms.

As winter nears, pond life become less active.

In the North, frogs and turtles spend the winter buried in the muddy bottom of the pond and only a few pond creatures stir under the ice. – Dick Rogers



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