How do canaries learn to sing?

Cheerful Bird

Young canaries learn to sing by taking, “singing lessons” from older birds.  People keep canaries for their songs, and because they make cheerful pets.  They are given singing lessons.  People who raise canaries take great care in training them to sing.

They notice that the  male canary is the best songster.  The young canaries imitate the songs of other birds, so they learn by listening to older birds that sing especially well.  Besides, music is played for them.  Sometimes canaries can even be taught to sing like nightingales.  They  play those records of nightingale songs.

Canaries are named for the Canary Island, the home of their wild ancestors,  Long ago, when Spanish explorers landed on one of their island homes, they found many wild dogs.  So they named the Island “Canaries,”  which means “isle of Dogs,” and canaries got their name from the Island.  There are still wild canaries on this island.  Wild canaries can sing, but their songs are not nearly as beautiful as those of the tame birds which have been breed for many generations for the quality of their songs. – Dick Rogers



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