What is Artesian well?


An artesian well needs no pump.  It spurts out of the ground like fountain.  There is more water in the world than in our oceans, lakes and streams.  A good deal of water can be found beneath the ground. Springs are formed when water from rain and melted snow seeps deep into the ground.  The underground water can fill the bottom of a well, or it can bubble out of the ground as a spring.

An artesian well is quite different from the ordinary well or spring.  In an ordinary well, the water must be pumped out with a pump.  An ordinary spring occurs when the underground water seeps downhill from the pull of gravity and bubbles out of the ground at some lower point.  It is only where the water gets trapped between layers of rocks or clay that artesian wells are possible.

Ask the imprisoned water collects between the layers of rock, the weight of the water may become so great that it builds up a great pressure.  When a well is dug, or if it finds a natural opening, the water gushes out without the aid of a pump or gravity.– Dick Rogers



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