How are diamonds cut into pieces?

To bring out the brilliance in a diamond, many little sides, or facets, must be cut and polished on it with other diamonds.  Most diamonds look like dull pieces of glass when they are taking from the ground.  Before they are used as jewels, diamonds are cut and polished.

Precious Stone

The cutting and the polishing has a great deal to do with how a diamond sparkles.  To bring out its full beauty, many little sides, or facets, must be cut and polished on the diamond.  Diamonds are found in many sizes and shapes.  Usually two or more gems are cut from a single stone.  People, called diamond cutters, can break a diamond in two with just one tap from a hammer.  Sometimes a diamond cutter uses a saw with an edge  made of diamond dust to saw a diamond in a half.

Next, he grinds off that diamond’s corners so that it is in shaped like a top.  The little faces, or facets, are then ground on the diamond by pressing it against a revolving iron dist coated with a past made from diamond dust and oil.  Upon entering a finished diamond facet, a light ray is refracted, or bent, and reflected back in a glittering rainbow of colors.  The fiery brilliance of the diamond has made it the world’s favorite jewel. – Dick Rogers



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