How were the mountain made?

Blocks of Rocks

Some high mountains are volcanoes.  Others were made in other ways.  Mountains are created by violent changes in the earth’s surface.  Deep under the earth great forces lift, wrinkle, and more that rocks that make up the earth’s crust.

Huge blocks of rocks are pushed, tilted, raised or squeezed into great folds, much like a giant wave.  Slowly tall ranges of “block”  and “folded” mountains form above the ground, just as the bottom of the sea had been pushed up to form mountains.

Some mountains grow without the earth’s surface folding or breaking into blocks  Deep inside the earth it is so hot that the rock melts into red-hot into blocks.  The liquid rock pushes layers of rock up near the surface into big “blisters,” and a mountain that we call a “dome mountain” is inside.

In some places, the earth’s crust cracks and melted rock, called lava, pushes up through the crack.  The lava coils and hardens into rock.  More and more lava piles up, until there is a mountain made of lava.  Such a mountain is called volcano.  Many mountains we see today began to grow millions of years ago.  Some mountains are still growing. – Dick Rogers


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