How did the worm get into the apple?


Small Moth

The worm was put into the apple by a small moth.

How often have you bitten into an apple and found a small white “worm” inside?  The apple worm is really the larva, or caterpillar, stage of a small moth known as the codling moth.  And here is how i got inside the apple.

When the apple trees are blossoming, the first moths appear and lay their eggs on the apple blossoms.  Before long the eggs hatch into little white worms that bore into the young apples and eat the apple flesh.  This usually causes the apples to die and drop off the tree before they are ripe.

The apple worms then eat their way out and hide themselves in cracks in the bark of the apple tree, where they wrap themselves in cocoons of fine silk.

In a short time, adult codling months exergue from the cocoons and fly about looking got more apples to lay their own eggs on.  You may also find “apple worms” in such other fruits as pears and quinces.

Photo courtesy:  blog.lib.umn



  1. I really like the apple . This is my choice.

  2. Nana

    Whoever bit into that apple needs to check for the sticker next time…

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