What are giant sequoias?

Towering Redwood Trees

Giant sequoias (pronounced seek KWOY uhs) are towering redwood trees, members of the pine family, that are found growing only in parts of California.  Giant sequoias are among the oldest and tallest of all forest trees and are the largest living things on earth.

Many giant sequoias grow to be over 250 feet tall and live for 3,000 years or more.  Some were living when Christ was born.

The bark of a giant sequoias may be two feet thick, and its base wider than many streets.  There is enough wood in one of these big trees to build a whole village of houses.  These mighty trees grow from seeds less than ¼ inch long.  It would take over 50,000 of them to weigh a pound.

Today, most giant sequoias are protected in national forests.  There they are safe from the lumbering mills. Sequoias were named in honor of Chief Sequoyah, a Cherokee Indian.  Another name for the giant sequoias is “big tree.” – Dick Rogers


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  1. Sometime I’ll take a moment to see if there is a meaning in the name of the Chief, given to that redwood type.

    Those are my favorite evergreen conifer for landscaping if there is enough space.

    MDV / Oregon

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