What is Indian corn?


Indian corn is known in any places as maize.  We all  have read how the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to grow corn.  The Indian word for corn is “maize”.  The term “Indian corn,” or maize may be used to means any of several kinds of common corn grown originally in America, such as “field corn”, sweet corn or popcorn.

The kind of corn the Indian taught the early settlers how to grow was flint corn.  Flint corn has long slender ears and very hard kernels.  The kernel of the flint corn aren’t always yellow.  Sometimes they are black, blue, red or pink.

The Pilgrims  had never seen corn known as “maize”, because it was unknown in Europe.  The word “corn” is an English word meaning “grain”.  People in different countries say “corn” to mean the kind of grain they grow in their own country.

When an Englishman says “corn” he is talking about wheat.  And in other countries rye is “corn” and in still others, barley and oats are called “corn”.  To the early settlers, maize was a kind of grain grown in America, so they called it “Indian corn”  to tell it from the other European “corn” or grain. – Dick Rogers



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