How did the game of hockey originate?

Crude Stick and Ball Game

Hockey probably originated in a crude stick-and-ball game played by the ancient  Persians and Greeks.  The Greeks even included a kind of hockey in their Old Olympic Games.

When we speak of hockey, many of us are apt to think first of ice hockey.  The earliest form of this game however, was not played on ice but on a grassy field.  When the game began to be played on ice it because necessary to call it “ice” hockey to tell it from field hockey.

Field hockey is played on grassy ground.  The players use curved hockey sticks to try to move the hockey ball down the field and hit it into the other team’s goal.  Ice hockey has been traced to games of field hockey that British soldiers played on frozen lakes and ponds in Canada more than 100 years ago.  A disk of rubber called a puck is used instead of a ball.  Ice hockey is one of the speediest and most thrilling of sports. – Dick Rogers



  1. vida moscosa

    ”i never played this game but i already saw this on tv or in some movies i watch..i wnna try this also..

  2. I’m actually reading a book about the origins of professional ice hockey in Canada. I will be doing some posts about it throughout the week. You should check out my blog on here. It’s called “Negro Hockey League”

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