What is the origin of the umbrella?

Rain Protector

The origin of the modern-day umbrella was a sunshade used by nobility in ancient Persia and Egypt.

It seems natural to put up an umbrella to keep off the rain.  But actually the umbrella was not invented as protection against rain.

Its first use was as a shade against the sun.  in fact, the name “umbrella” comes from a Latin word meaning “little shadow”.

Umbrella have been used since very early times by people living in such countries as ancient Persia and Egypt.

At first, the umbrellas was used only by very important people.  Slaves held the umbrellas over the heads of their masters to keep off the hot rays of the sun.  even today, an umbrella is believed to be a mark of rank by people in some countries.

As the use of umbrellas spread to other countries, the people living in wetter climates discovered that umbrellas made good protection against the rain, too! – Dick Rogers



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