Where does tea come from?

Cured Leaves

Tea is a drink made from the cured leaves of the tea plant which grows in such countries as India, china and Ceylon.

Tea is a drink made from cured leaves of the tea plant.  Most of the world’s tea is grown on plantations, or “tea gardens,” in such faraway places as India, Ceylon and China.

The plant the leaves come from is a small evergreen tree or shrub.  In order to get many small, tender leaves, the tea plant is trimmed so that it forms a bush about four feet tall.

Pickers with baskets walk along the rows, breaking off the tenderest leaves and buds.

After picking the leaves are allowed to wither and become soft and flexible.  The leaves are then crushed to free the juices which give tea its flavor.  Finally, the leaves are roasted, or dried, in hot ovens and cut into pieces of equal length.

For green tea, the leaves are roasted soon after they are picked.  For black tea, the leaves are allowed to ferment after they have been crushed.  The leaves turn black during roasting. – Dick Rogers



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