How does a microscope work?

Test Device

The word “microscope” comes from the Greek words for “small” and “see”.  A microscope is a device that tests you see very tiny things you can’t see with your eyes alone.

The simplest kind is an ordinary magnifying glass.  A magnifying glass bends the light and spreads if to make things look bigger than they are.

When most people talk about a microscope, they mean a compound microscope, they mean a compound microscope.  A compound microscope has at least two sets of magnifying tenses, one above the other.

When you took through a microscope, you see an object that is magnified first by one lens and then again by the second lens.

It magnifies the object many times.  Some microscopes can make an object look 2,000 times larger than it is.  In the holder, or stage, of a microscope there is a round note.  A mirror below it reflects light through the hole onto the object being viewed. – Dick Rogers



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