What are prunes?


Prunes are dried plums, but all plums will not make prunes.  Prunes come from special kinds of sweet plums that can be dried without spoiling the fruit.

Plums that are especially swell-suited for drying are called “prune plum.”  Prune plum are gathered from the ground after they have become so ripe that they can be gently shaken from the trees.

The prune plums are washed in hot water to remove the dirt and to soften the skins.

Then they are either dried in the sun or in a dehydrators.  The dehydrator dries the plums with forced draft of hot air.

The drying gives prunes their wrinkled look.  Next the prunes are put in bins, where they are cured” for at least two weeks.

Curing softens the skins hardened by drying.

Before the prunes are packed to be sold, they are given another hot water or steam bath to pasteurized them.  This process helps to keep them fresh and wholesome.

The choicest prunes are packed like dates, for eating without cooking.  Prunes are a healthful food, rich in iron and vitamin content.


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