What makes the color in a rainbow?


The colors in a rainbow are made by sunlight shining through raindrops in the air, which separate the light into the colors of the spectrum.

A rainbow occurs at the end of a storm, when the sun begins to shine while the air is still filled with raindrops.

When the sunlight passes through the millions of water drops in just the right way, the white light breaks up and scatters into the many colors of the spectrum.

If you are looking in the direction of the drops, with the sun at your back, you will see a rainbow of color arched across the sky in beautiful bands of orange, yellow, green and blue, with red at the top of the arch and violet at the bottom.

The colors bump to each other so that we rarely see more than four active colors in a rainbow.

A rainbow disappears soon as there are no longer any raindrops.  You can make a rainbow yourself on a sunny day.  Turn the lawn sprinkler on.  Stand with your back to the sun and look at the spray.  You will be able to see a rainbow. – Dick Rogers


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