What is a greenhouse?


A greenhouse is a glass building to which flowers and other plants can be grown all year – even when the ground is white with snow.

No matter what the weather is like outside, it’s always just right for the plants inside a greenhouse.  The glass roof and walls let in just the right amount of sunlight and then keep the heat of the sunlight from escaping.

Most greenhouses are also equipped with heaters and airconditioners to supply warmth in the winter and cool the greenhouse in the summer, as well as sunlamps for artificial sunlight and water controls for the proper humidity (moisture in the air).

In the greenhouse, the atmosphere can be made to resemble a small tropical jungle or a hot, dry desert.

In some parts of the world people might never see such plants as orchids or giant farms if there were no greenhouses.

A small one enables the home gardener to grow fresh vegetables the year round.

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