How is rope made?


If you inspect a piece of rope, you’ll see it is made by many tough, threadlike fibers twisted together.

The best rope fibers came from the long leaf stems and stalk of a plant called the abaca plant, which grows in the Philippines.  This fiber is generally known as Manila hemps.

Almost all rope is made by machinery, in the rope making plants, the long, tough plant fibers are separated and combed straight.

Then, through a series of twisting steps, the fibers are twisted end-to-end into tight into strands which are then twisted together to form the finished rope.

Each time the fibers are twisted the twist is made in the opposite direction to the twist before it.  This makes the rope hard and strong and helps keep it from untwisting.

Today, ropes made of wire and such man-made fiber as nylon and glass have replaced plant fiber ropes for many use. – Dick Rogers


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