What is the difference between a hill and a mountain?

A hill or a mountain is a part of the land that is higher than the land around it.  While a mountain is generally thought of as being much larger than a hill, there is actually no clear-cut difference between them. 

The word “mountain” means different things to different people.  Wheat is called a mountain in one region may be considered only a hill by people living in a more rugged part of the world. 

The Turtle mountains which rise from the flat plains of North Dakota, for example, are considerably smaller than the Black Hills of South Dakota. 

Although there is no precise difference between a hill and a mountain, most geographers, by general agreement, define a mountainous area as one that lies at least 2,000 feet above its surroundings. 

Its land surface consists of high, narrow ridges, long slopes, and deep canyons or valleys.  The region, will also include two or more zones of climate and plant life.

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