What is the earth’s atmosphere?

Great Ocean of Air

The atmosphere is the great  ocean of air enveloping the earth.  it extends up for hundreds of miles.

You and I live at the bottom of a great ocean of air that surrounds the earth and that extends upward for hundreds of miles.  We call it the atmosphere.

We could not live without it and the oxygen it contains.  It keeps the earth’s temperature from becoming too hot or too cold.  It also keeps out some harmful energy from the sun.

The atmosphere is made up mostly of nitrogen and oxygen.  But theirs are arise small amounts of other gases present, too.

There is always some water vapor and dust in it, too.  The earth holds the atmosphere to it by the pull of gravity, otherwise it would drift off into space.  The atmosphere is made up of different layers.  The bottom one, the troposphere, holds most of the air living things breathe.

The higher above the earth you go, the thinner the atmosphere becomes until it gradually fades into interplanetary space. – Dick Rogers


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