Why do the Chinese eat with chopstick?

Slender Stick

If you are in China you might eat with two slender sticks called “chopstick.”

There are several thoughts as to why the Chinese began using chopsticks, but the most likely one is because of the way their food was prepared.

There was always been a shortage of fuel in china with which to cook.  The Chinese learned to prepare their food by cutting it into small pieces so that it would cook faster, thus saving precious fuel.

Because the food was already cut into small pieces, the table knife was not needed.  Instead, slender bamboo sticks were shaped to be held in one hand and used as tongs to pick up the food and quickly toss it into the mouth..

The Chinese word for chopsticks means “quick ones,” in the Pidgin English of the Chinese, the word for “quick” is “chop,” and so the popular team “chopsticks.”  Chopsticks are traditionally used in Japan and in other eastern countries, too. – Dick Rogers


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