Where does kerosene come from?


Kerosene is a kind of oil that is used as a fuel for jet engines and for burning in lamps and in stoves—especially camping equipment—for lighting or cooking.

Most kerosene comes from petroleum, the oil that comes from oil wells.

Petroleum is a mixture of many materials.  Separating petroleum into its many parts is called refining” it.

At an oil refinery, the petroleum is heated until the kerosene part changes into a vapor.  The hot kerosene vapor is drawn off and condensed back into its liquid form.  The kerosene is processed to make it pure.

Other fuels, such as gasoline and diesel oil are refined from petroleum in the same manner as kerosene.  Petroleum also provides oil and greases for machinery lubrication and asphalts for paving highways.

Kerosene is often called “coal oil” because kerosene was first obtained by refining the oil from coal. Dick Rogers



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