What is the deepest spot in the ocean?

Ocean Deep

The single deepest spot so far known in all the oceans is in the Pacific near Guam.  It is called the “Challenger Deep” and is 36,198 feet below the surface of the ocean.

If the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest, were put into the Challenger Deep, more than a mile of water would cover the mountain.

A steel ball dropped into the water above with spot would take an hour to fall to the sea floor 6.85 miles below!

Of course, the Pacific Ocean is not nearly this deep all over.  The average depth is about 14,000 feet.  The way an ocean’s depth is measured today is with special depth-finding instruments that send down sound waves which are reflected back from the bottom.

Since we know how fast sound  travels through the water, scientists can figure the dept by measuring the time it takes the echoes to return.


  1. This is the most fascinating of all! Its amazing that Everest would have that depth of water over it when submerged!
    The findings of sound in the ocean is simply amazing! How wonderful to learn of these feats on a daily basis with our “computers” !!
    Schoolrooms do not have this capacity for learning, not by any stretch!
    God bless all who sanction these depths and how they are accomplished.
    Betty Steele, Illinois

    • askpari

      Thank you Betty for your very nice comment. I appreciate it very much. Keep on visiting my blog and i will promise to give more amazing articles as i can. Thanks again.

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