How are stained-glass windows made?

Pieces of Colored Glass

In a church you may see a windows that look like a big jigsaw puzzles made of many pieces of colored glass held together with strips of lead.  The windows are called stained glass windows. To make such a window, the artist makes a big drawing on paper of the picture that he wants to put in the window.

This shows each piece of glass and its color.  He then cuts pieces of colored glass to fit the drawing.  After he paints designs on the pieces of glass, they are baked in a furnace so that the paint becomes part of the glass.  Then the artist puts strips of lead between the pieces of colored glass to hold them together.

Long ago the stained-glass windows in churches were like storybook pictures that told the story of religion.  Parents taught their children Bible stories from the stained-glass windows.  These were also the picture books of those who could not read. – Dick Rogers


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