How is fiber glass made?

Molten Glass

Fiber glass is made of very fine, flexible threads of glass, which can be spun and woven into cloth or used in many other ways.

Fiber glass is made from sand and other materials used to make ordinary glass.

The glass-maker first melts the glass materials and forms them into small glass marbles.  He then melts the glass marbles in a special electric furnace.

The melted glass runs down through tiny holes in the bottom of the furnace.  The hot strands are gathered on a spinning drum that stretches them into long, thin fibers and winds them on bobbins, like threads on spools.

In making fiber glass, a fiber nearly 90 miles long can be drawn from one marbles less than one inch wide!

The thin glass fibers do not crack or splinter, as you might think.  This is because the fibers are spun so fine that they become flexible, and may look and feel like silk. – Dick Rogers


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