What are clouds made of?

Tiny Droplets of Water

Pluffy dark clouds and fluffy white clouds—all clouds are made of the same thing.  They are made mostly of tiny droplets of water drifting about on currents of air.  Water to make clouds comes from oceans, lakes and streams.

Everywhere water is continually evaporating into the air in the form of an invisible gas called water vapor.  Often the water vapor is carried upward by currents of warm, rising air.

As the moist air rises it cools.  As it cools, some of the water vapor condenses, or changes back to liquid water, in the form of tiny droplets, like the ones you moist breath makes when it hits the cold air on a winter day.

Many millions of these droplets, too small to fall, cluster together and make up the clouds in the sky.  Sometimes a cloud looks fluffy and white because the sun is shining through it.  Storm clouds may look dark and gray because they are too thick to let much sunlight through. – Dick Rogers

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