What’s in a hotdog?

Hot dogs are a staple food in many Filipino households.  They’re part of our breakfast, merienda, and baon. Family outings, children’s parties, and barbecues are incomplete without them.  Yes, they’re very convenient:

They’re early to prepare, relatively inexpensive, and don’t spoil easily—important in our hot and humid climate.  Some mothers also believe that hot dogs are packed with protein essential for their child’s growth and development.  They couldn’t be further from the truth!

This is how hot dogs are made:  After removing all the choice cuts from a beef carcass and using these for other purposes, whatever remains—the skin, fat and water!  It’s really not a dieter’s delight not a good source of protein.  What’s more, a study conducted at the University of California San Diego in 1996 showed that because of the presence of nitrates, preservatives used to keep meat from spoiling, eating just 12 hot dogs in one month already increases your chances of developing leukemia.  It’s a wise move to tell your kids and husband to find a healthier alternative to the hot dogs they love. – Stella G. de Dios, M.D.


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