How does a hydroelectric plant work?

Hydroelectric Plant

Much of the electricity we use is produced by power plants located in huge dams.  Such plants, called hydroelectric plants, are run by the force of falling water.

The water collects behind the dam.  It rushes down through an enclosed pipe and pushes against the blades are connected to a shaft which turns the generator.

The generator has two sets of wire coils inside.  One set of coils creates a magnetic field through which the other set of coils passes, breaking the magnetic field and generating electricity.

The electricity thus generated is carried over power times to places where it is needed.

On many rivers, the same water flows from one dam with its generators to others downstream where it is used once again to generate hydroelectric power.

The electricity makes your light and other electrical things work.


  1. This is so helpful for my science presentation!

    • askpari

      Than you. I will look for something else more. At least with this kind of article i posted, I helped people. Thanks again. Keep on visiting my blog and your comment and suggestions will be appreciated.

  2. Jacqueline Pilapil Marzo

    how does a hydroelectric power plant works??

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