What is a bamboo?


We usually think of grass as a small plant.  Some grass grows less than one-inch high.  Wheat grass may stand five-feet tall and corn frequently grows more than 10 feet tall.

Bamboo is a grass, too.  But unlike corn, wheat, oats, and other grass, bamboo grass may grow as tall as trees.  Some kinds of bamboo may grow rarely blooms.  Some have flowers just once every 30 years.  The plants usually die after they bloom.

New bamboo plants quickly grow from the seeds, which look like rice kernels.  The young bamboo plants may grow a foot or more a day.

In some countries, bamboo has many important uses.  A family may live in a bamboo house, sit on bamboo food in bamboo containers, eat tender bamboo sprouts as vegetables and keep chickens and other farm animals in bamboo pens.

Fishing poles, farts, buckets, bottles, paper and even tools are made from bamboo.

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