Kidney patients getting younger

Lessen your child’s soft-drink intake.

More Filipinos are becoming sick with end-stage renal disease.  And more and more of them are undergoing dialysis because their kidneys have stopped doing their job:  to clean the blood of toxins.

Remedies Uriarte, M.D., of the Philippines Renal Disease Registry, says that since the registry started noting down the incidence of end-stage renal disease in 2002, it appears that the victims of this disease have become younger and younger.

Before, only people in their fifties or sixties would get the disease.  Then, we started registering people in their twenties and thirties.  Now we have cases as young as six.

Uriarte, a pediatrician attributes the increasing trend to diet and lacks of exercise.  She says Filipinos have adopted the Western diet of greasy, salty good and are gulping down more soft drinks than ever before.  Because of convenience, we give them fast-food meals more often:  and these usually come with soft drink.  Even juice baon usually given to kids are nothing more than water, sugar, and flavoring.  Have them drink water instead.  She also calls on Filipinos to go exercise.  “Move around more” is another prescription.

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