Why is the ocean salty?


Sea water contains all the natural elements that make up the minerals in the earth’s crust.

The most common of the minerals found in the ocean is common table salt, which is mainly responsible for the salty taste of sea water.  In fact, the average gallon of seawater contains about a quarter of a pound of salt.

Since the very beginning of the earth’s history, when the great ocean basis first filled with water, the water has been at work eroding and dissolving the rocks that make up the earth’s crust and adding the element s they contain to the composition of the ocean.

Rivers which flow into the oceans carry with them still more salt washed from the land adding this as well as other dissolved materials to the great salt content of the oceans, a process that continues today.  And yet the oceans do not get any saltier.

Scientist believe that the water is just about as salty now as it was billions of years ago.


  1. tjitjik kaendah wati

    thank you for your article, they are so interesting to read.

    • askpari

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciated it a lot.

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