How did the moon get its craters?

Moon’s Crater

The moon is the earth’s nearest neighbor.  Even a small telescope brings to view the many craters that pockmark the moon’s rugged surface.  Some are miles wide and thousands of feet deep.

Scientists believe that the craters were created by ancient volcanoes and by huge meteors crashing into the moon from space.  Rocky mountains and broad, dry plains also stretch across the moon’s pitted surface.  Long ago, people thought that the dark plains were seas and gave them such fanciful names as the Sea of Serenity and Bay of Rainbows.

The mountains are given such names as Alps, Pyrenees,  and Carpathians, after mountain ranges on the earth, while many of the craters are named for astronomers.

The bright areas of the moon are made by the high mountains ranges, which catch the sunlight better than the plains.

It is fun to imagine that the light and dark spots look like pictures.  Some people see the man in the moon.


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