What is Indian summer?

Indian Summer

Indian summer is a short period of mild, pleasant weather following the first frosts of late autumn.

Not all autumn days are cool and crisp.  Following the first frostic of late autumn, there is a short period of time when the weather is mild and pleasant.

This warm, gentle time is knows as Indian summer.  It has no definite dates to begin or end.  It usually comes in late October or early November, and lasts about a week.

Throughout Indian summer, the sky is hazy and still with almost no wind.  The sun shines softly in a cloudless, rich-blue sky.  An Indian-summer moon often has a yellow or orange hue, while frost, dew or fog may occur during each chilly night.

Indian summer is caused when large masses of warm tropical air are pushed northward by south winds, causing the weather to be clear and mild.

No one is certain how Indian summer got its name.  one story says that it was named after the early American Indians, who believed that this period of good weather was a special gift from a god.


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