What is an oasis?


An oasis is a place in the desert where a spring or well furnishes enough water to allow plants to grow.

In the desert it hardly ever rains, so there is very little water and few plants and animals.  But even in the driest desert, you can sometimes see an island of green, where trees and other plants grow.

This garden spot in a land of sand is called an oasis.

Desert oases  are found where water comes out of the earth from underground springs or deep wells.  They can also be watered by streams or rivers that start in distant mountains where there is plenty of rain, and then flow across the desert to the sea.

Some desert oases are large enough to support entire villages or cities.

Farmers are able to raise date gardens, olives, figs, wheat and many other important crops in the fertile soil around them.

Smaller oases are mostly scattered water holes in the desert.

They are a welcome relief to thirsty travelers, who must make their way across miles of scorching sand.

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