What is a pitcher plant?

Pitcher Plant

The pitcher plant is a curious plant that traps insects in its pitcher like leaves.  A liquid inside the leaves drown them and helps di them.

Everyone expects insects to eat plants.  But did you know that there are plants that eat insects?  One of these is the pitcher plant.

This curious plant is found in bogs and swamps.  In many parts of the world.

The leaves of the pitcher plant are shaped like brightly-colored vases, or pitchers, that catch rain water.  The plant gives out a sweet nectar that attracts passing insects.

The inside of the pitcher plant leaf is smooth and has downward pointing hairs.  When an unwitting insect enters the treacherous pitcher to eat the nectar.  It is unable to climb out.

It slides down the smooth walls and falls into the digestive “borth” at the bottom, and is digested by the plant.

Insects are not the only food of the pitcher plant.  Like other green plants, its leaves manufacture food for the plant.

This odd plant traps insects in order to supply itself with nitrogen which is lacking in the soil where it grows.

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