What is archaeology?


Archaeology is the study of ancient buildings, tools and other man-made objects as a way of learning how people lived long ago.

Archaeology is the scientific study of the remains of past civilizations, or ways of life.  “Archaeology” comes from two Greek words that have the meanings “old” and “study”.

The earliest civilizations did not leave written records of their history and customs.

Whenever men have lived, however, they have left evidence of their existence—bits of pottery, tools and coins of the remains of an ancient building.

An archaeologist is like a detective.  By collecting and studying these clues he is able to tell us much about how people lived and worked long ago.

Some archaeological sites are easy to find, because they are above ground.  But most often the site is buried below the surface and must be carefully excavated  (dug up).

The archaeologist may rely on old maps, ancient writings and legends to give him hints and some facts as to where to look for remains of ancient civilization.

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