What is a venus-flytrap?

Insect-eating Plant

Venus-flytraps are small insect-eating plants.  When an insect touches the trigger hairs in the plant’s leaf, it snaps shut like a trap.

You have probably seen so many plants spoiled by insects, but have you ever seen a plant that “eats” insects?

One of the strange insect-eating plants is the Venus’s-flytrap.  This small plant is found largely in the shady bogs and low pineland of North and South Carolina.

Its leaves are folded in the middle.  On the surface of each leaf are three sensitive hairs.

When an insect touches one of these trigger hairs, the halves close suddenly, like a trap snapping shut.

Spines around the edges form a cage that holds the victim fast.  Digestive juices inside the leaf digest the insect and the trap then opens to  wait for another meat.

Insects are not the only found of the Venus-flytrap.  Like other green plants, their leaves manufacture starch, which the plants use as food.

These curious plants catch insects in order to obtain a curtain chemicals they need which is lacking in the soil where they grow. – Dick Rogers


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