What are the earth’s magnetic poles?


The earth is like a huge magnet with its own North and South magnetic poles, which are located several hundred miles from the true North and South Poles.

Many people think that a magnetic compass needle points, to the North Pole.

Well, a compass obviously does point in a northerly direction, but not to the true North Pole.

The earth has two other poles, called “magnetic poles.”  Scientists believe that the earth is like a huge magnet with its own magnetic North and South poles.  But the magnetic poles and the true North and South poles are not located in the same places.

The North Magnetic Pole is in northern Canada, several hundred miles away from the North Pole.  The South Magnetic Pole is on the opposite side of the earth in the Antarctic.

Because of the wide separation between the geographical and the magnetic poles, compasses usually point a little to one side of the true poles.

Since the locations of the magnetic poles are known, sailors may make allowances, and sail their ships in a true direction. – Dick Rogers



  1. Thank you for this clarification between the earth’s magnetic pole and the true north pole. Thanks again


    • askpari

      Thank you again Vincent!

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