How is vinegar made?


Vinegar is made by exposing fermented fruit juice to the air to form a sour acid that gives the liquid its “vinegar” taste.

Vinegar is a sour liquid that is popular as a seasoner for salads and other foods.  It is also used to preserve, or “pickle,” meals and vegetables.

Vinegar gets its name from the French word for  “sour wine.”

Vinegar is made from the juice of any fruits or berries.  It can also be made from honey and malt.  In the United States, older vinegar made from apple juice is most often used.

To make older vinegar, the vinegar maker first change the fruit sugar in fresh apple juice into a weak alcohol through a process called “fermentation.”

Then pours it into a large vat loosely filled with beech wood shavings that have been soaked with strong vinegar.  As the liquid dribbles down through the vinegar-soaked shavings and mixes with the air, the alcohol in the older changes to the sour acetic acid that gives vinegar its sharp, sour, “vinegar” taste. – Dick Rogers



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