How are shoes made?

There are more than 200 operations for the making of a single shoes!

The first pair of shoes may have been scraps of skin or flat pieces of wood held on by vines as sandals.   For a very long time all shoes were made by hand.  There are still shoemakers who make fine shoes partly by hand, but most shoes are now made by machine in big factories.

Single Shoe

To make a shoe, the shoemaker puts a piece of shoe leather into a cutting machine that cuts it into a shoe-shaped pieces.

The pieces are sewed together by a special sewing machine to form the upper part of the shoe.  Another machine stamps the design in the toe and punches eyelets for the laces.

The shoemaker’s next  job is to put the sole and heel on the upper part of the shoe.  The sole and heel are usually made out of hard leather or rubber to make them wear longer.

The shoe pieces are assembled on a wooden form that gives shape to the entire shoe.  After stitching, gluing, and nailing, the shoemaker trims the heel and sole and polishes the shoe.  The last step is to put on the laces, bows, or buckles and the she is ready to wear. – Dick Rogers



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