Were there ever real dragons?

Big Creature

No!  Dragons never existed, but the old dragon superstitions may have been started by real animals.

Dragons never really existed, but most people believed in them at one time.  Dragons are found only in folk tales.

They were usually pictured as huge, serpent like  monsters with wings like those of a giant bat.

Their mighty roar would cause the earth to tremble, and they could swallow ships and men at one gulp.

Before the time of Columbus many sailors refused to sail into unknown seas for fear of dragons and other monsters.

The old dragon superstitions may well have been started by some real creatures that have lived in the past.

Early dragons were often pictured as huge snakes, and closely resembled the giant Indian python snake that grows to be 30 feet long.

The Chinese dragon closely resembles the Chinese alligator.

And the giant Monitor lizard that still exists may grow to be 10 feet long.

Who would not believe that he was viewing a real dragon upon seeing one of these giants for the first time? – Dick Rogers



  1. (Sept. 23) — We’re surrounded by superstitions every day — don’t walk under a ladder, don’t step on a crack, avoid black cats — but where do these beliefs come from and why do we follow them? More importantly, are superstitions the real deal or just real silly? British author Harry Oliver has just released in the U.S. ” Black Cats & Four-Leaf Clovers ” (Perigee), a book that explores the origins of superstitions and old wives’ tales from around the world.

  2. You have noted very interesting points! ps nice web site.

  3. Hey there from overseas! This is just what I was expecting, and you nailed it. Thx

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