How did rodeos start?

Riding Skills

Rodeos started from old-time western roundups, when cowboys held contests between themselves to see who was best at riding, roping and other skills.

A rodeo is an exciting content in which cowboys show their skill in bronc riding, bull riding, steer roping and steer wrestling or bulldogging.

The word “rodeo” (pronounced ROM-deo-oh or roh-DAY-oh) comes from the Spanish word for “going around.”

Rodeos began in the early days of the West.  They developed from the yearly roundups.

When the work of rounding up, or bringing in the cattle from the range was over, the cowboys amused themselves by holding contests to see who was best at riding, roping and other skills needed for their daily work.

Soon the idea spread to towns all over the West.

Today, many other skills, such as fancy roping, trick riding, and stunts by clowns give added excitement to the rodeo.

Famous rodeos, held year after year, included Frontier Days at Cheyenne, Wy.  The Roundup at Pendleton, Or., and the Stampede at Calgary, Canada. – Dick Rogers


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