Where did chess originate?

War Game

Chess is an old “war” game.  It was first played in Asia.

Chess is a game of skill played by two persons using a chess board marked with squares, like a checkerboard, and pieces called “chessmen.”

It is thought that the game was played in India more than a thousand years ago, and that it may have grown out of an even older game.

Chess may have first been played by the Buddhists in India as a substitute for war, because they considered war and killing as being criminal for any purpose.

The moves in chess have often been compared with those of the opposing generals on a battlefield.

Chess gets its name from the Persian (present-day Iran) word “shah,”  meaning “king.”  And “checkmate” also comes from a Persian word, “sha mat,” meaning “the king is dead.”

Unlike checkers, in whom one player tries to capture all his opponent’s men, the object of chess is to make the other player’s “king” surrender.

Chess is played by millions of people of all ages, and contests are held to name the world champion. – Dick Rogers



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