What is mustard made from?


The mustard you put on a hot dog is made from the seeds of the mustard plant.

Mustard plants have bright yellow flowers and slender pods containing hard, round seeds.  The large, green leaves are rather jagged in shape.

Perhaps your mother may use a powder made from mustard seeds in salad dressing in preparing pickles and to add new flavor to many of the other foods you eat.

The ground-up seeds mixed with vinegar and spices make a tasty sauce that is good to eat on frankfurters.

Sauces made from spices and herbs such as mustard are called “condiments.”

The spicy oil which mustard seeds contain gives mustard its sharp flavor.

Mustard is an easy crop to grow.  The leaves may be picked while still tender and eaten as a mustard green.

Because mustard plants grow wild in manly parts of the world, they are often considered a bothersome weed to a great number of farmers. – Dick Rogers


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