What makes the wind blow?

Uneven Heating of the Earth by the Sun

Wind is caused chiefly by the uneven heating of the earth by the sun.

All winds, from gentle breezes that rustle leaves to raging hurricanes, are caused chiefly by the uneven heating of the earth by the sun.

When the air near the ground gets hot, it expands or swells.  This makes it lighter, and light air rises.

As it rises, cooler, heavier air flows in to take its place.  This movement of air makes a wind.

When the air moves slowly, we call it a breeze.  When it moves fast and strong, we may call it a gale or a hurricane.

If you live by the seashore, for instance, you may feel a cool sea breeze on a warm day.

During the day, the land becomes warmer than the sea and so does the air above it.  As the warmer, lighter land air rises, cool winds blow in from the sea to take its place.

All night the land cools more rapidly than the sea, and the breeze is reversed.  It blows out to sea.

What is true in your area is true on a larger scale of the big winds that blow over the earth.

A wind gets its name from the direction it comes from.  A north wind, for example, is one coming from the North blowing toward the South. – Dick Rogers



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